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Stand Paddle surf  Peru  Octuber 2013


The history of stand-up paddle surf- Maybe come from many countries like Polynesian, Hawaii, etc., but in Peru we also have something to say about Stand Up Paddle surf.

We know that ancient Peruvian have been doing these for thousands of years on Lake Titicaca in the Andes of Puno or Huanchaco beach. We still have alive prove from our Caballitos De Totora.

Read more about Stand paddle surf history in Peru and get surprise for all what these country have to show you.


By internet sources:

Caballitos de Totora are reed watercrafts used by Peruvian fishermen for the past 3,000 years, archaeologically evidenced from pottery shards.

Named for the way they are ridden, straddled ('little reed horses' in English), fishermen use them to transport their nets and collect fish in their inner cavity. The name is not the original name as horses were not introduced to South American until after the Spanish arrived in the 15th Century. They are made from the same reed, Scirpus californicus, used by the Uros in the Lake Titicaca region.

Fishermen in the port town of Huanchaco famously, but in many other locations practically, still use these vessels to this day, riding the waves back into shore, paddling on their knee and later standing up and suggesting some of the first forms of wave riding. There is currently a minor debate in the surfing world as to whether or not this constitutes the first form of surfing.

Surf or not we have proven that they were doing stand-up paddle surf in Peru for long time ago.

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​Stand  Up Paddle surf  Peru 2010

Our stand up paddle surf history :

In 2010 our good friend José Chafino broth the first stand up paddle to the coast of Punta Hermosa  later on new friend were ready to join hem (Max de la Rosa).



3) Jose Gomez

4) Victor Kufat

5) Miguel ballenas

6) Carlos Echecopar

7) Oscar Morante

8) Tamil Martino


After all our first tournament were made in Peru giving us one first Peruvian champion Jose Gomez ( Jarita)  Later Jose went to surf out of the country giving a big opportunity to Karin Sierralta who was our national champion in 2012. Later Sebastian Gomez beat Karin Sierralta in the last tournament in Oct 2013 made in Punta Rocas Lima Peru.

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Carol Simons March 2012

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